Monday, December 28, 2015

Boring book, not my cup of tea.

Why do people enjoy reading about other ordinary people? Can they relate to them? maybe, but they are not interesting. Like at all. Not one bit.

I see a book, it's about a man and a woman, they work in a bank, they fall in love, the end. Sooooo boring. Sorry but my choice in books is to escape to a fantasy world where things are either super awesome or super bad that it makes me appreciate reality. But those in the middle of this are book that are just like real life, mundane and dull, why do they even exist? why are they so good? I'd rather much read a documentary, biography, a text book on molecular science from 1991 or even a how-to documentation and manuals for software I barely use, which are more interesting than some novels about ordinary people. Sigh. Life can be wasted. Like those who rant their emotions online simply because no one else will listen. But not such a wasted life as those who read the rants online.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the Light Rail

I wrote a little Poem while I was on the light rail in Sacramento. Going to work.

Weary and tummy aches,
head is hurting and something smells funny
people and can’t look at, eye to eye.
The little part inside of me, doesn’t want to talk to anyone
but it’s a 1 hour ride.
On the light rail.

So I’ll sit here quietly, staring at nothing in particular.
Cause I can’t look straight at you.
But it’s hard to do so, cause my neck is pretty strained,
Looking this way
On the light rail

You noticed I glaced a couple times in your direction
You didn’t seem to care so I gazed a little longer.
My foot began to fall asleep being in the same position.
So i shifted.
Here we are now, staring at each other
on the light rail.

Should I smile?
Is that too creepy?
Or is this frowny face I have on alright?
I just want to get off now, avoid unusual confrontation.
Look it’s not my stop, but I’ll get off anyways.
Ohh wait, so did you.
Now you’re walking going somewhere.
Probably off to work.
Maybe you didn’t notice me, and now I’m on my own.
Waiting at this stop.
For the light rail.

Selling an old car

Sob sob, cry cry, weep, weep...

I've had the hard choice of selling my car. The old Dodge Dart has got to go, and soon before it rusts into a lump of worthless metal. It's not the first time this though has passed through my mind, but this time I think it's the last nail on the coffin.

In today's world, most people buy high and sell low despite what they say. No one really makes a profit on trades unless that's your business. And cars are the same. The value of cars drop and you reach a point where it's no longer economically feasible to keep throwing money at it. Sometimes you've got to cut your loses and move on.

The Dodge Dart Swinger I've mentioned on this blog post before is a great car. I wish I could afford to keep it the way it is and even though I probably can after making a few sacrifices. I think the fun has been had.

The Dodge Lives!!!