Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is a story about a group of people with interesting names who are trying to escape a dungeon.

NO-ONE knows why they are they, and THEY says HE knows, but HE won’t tell.

HE says WE should try to escape first.

But WE disagreed and decided to go with EVERYBODY.

SOMEONE decides to stay behind

THAT ONE GUY says WE should follow HIM. but EVERYBODY disagrees with HIM and HE ends up falling into a trap.

NOBODY thinks of a good idea. And EVERYBODY was ignored.

WHATsHISNAME was lost when going off on his own. But ran into THAT ONE GUY who kills HIM.

In the end only HE survived.

SOMEONE else survived but THEY didn't make it.

WE had to tell THEM the news. That THEY didn't make it,.

WE almost forgot about THEM.

And NOBODY saved THEM from being crushed under a huge rock.

When THEY died. NO ONE cared very much.

EVERYBODY survived and WE wrote this story.

If this makes sense to you, I don't beleive you. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Thoughts on Home-Schooling

This is a rant. Do not take %100 seriously becuase I am just venting and this is only my opinion. I wrote this about a year ago, but never posted it before and figured I might as well put this here. So you know what really bothers me? Stereotypes, the kind that causes humans to assume they know what a person is like, for no good reason. In this case today I'll be talking about stereotypes about Homeschooling or Independent Study. On average most humans are very similar and think alike. But to the genius who thought that all children learn at the same rate was not the brightest bulb in the house, now sure it's cheaper than having individualized learning for every kid in school, but who cares? Right? Well parents do and they are willing to do something about it. Now it's clear that some kids learn faster than others and some are like bricks trapped in a tarpit. There are so many minute differences that in the end, you are almost always going to stunt someone's learning growth by putting them in regular school. Maybe not all kids, but some. And for those few who prefer to learn on their own instead of in a group, there's home school. Sheltered This bothers me. Home schooled kids are sheltered. What is sheltered? According to the consensus, people beleive that sheltered people are when the parents "baby" their kids by hiding them from all the bad things in the world and don't let them interact with the outside world. The when the children finally have freedom they tend go wild or refuse to leave home. I've never met anyone who was sheltered by that definition, and chances are that if you have, it's very rare since being "Sheltered" as defined by the people is uncommon and unrelated to homeschooling. The fact that some kids go all out wild when they first venture out in the world and taste some freedom has nothing to with being home schooled, this can happen to anyone. Just ask anyone who's gotten drunk, high, arrested or beat up. They all took it too far, not because they experienced some feeling of freedom doing it, but because humans are generally not very smart. I've met people at my school, you have to go in once a week, pick up your work, deal with the teacher one on one. You have no idea how easy this has made it for me to talk to people. I see them as equals in the sense that we both work together or are in a similar situation. Because of the communication I've had with adults and not other children with Potatoe IQ's, I've actually learned what it's like to be in a business environment right at my school. (And when I refer to school, I mean the once or twice a week I went in to turn in my homework. Which brings me to my next point.) Time spent. A lot of people think that home school is your parents watching over you and helping you with your homework at home. HA! I'm going to use my own personal experience. My mom yelling at me to finish my homework,. Making my own breakfast, parents gone while I did all my homework ON MY OWN. You think parents are going to help you with Algebra? You needed help? You called up the teacher, and not like a baby, "Teacher help me I don't know!" No you did it like an adult, going through automated phone calls and hoping someone was there to pick it up when you finally have 10 seconds to give a clear question on what you want to know before the teacher loses interest and recommends driving back to school for the 10 minutes he/she's going to spend on you to learn your material. The library was awesome, school libraries for independent schools sucked. But Government local libraries had anything you wanted to learn about I spent so much time there reading, renting out DVD and computer games that it felt like a college. Plus the free internet and WiFi. Socializing Dealing with other children or students. I don't know if you have much of a social life, that heavily depends on the type of person you are. There is more to life than school and work, and I was taught to keep those separate. Get a "real" social life, talk to your neighbors, be a Jehovah's Witness, or just deal with people in general to find those real friends. Shy kids are common in regular school AND home school. But you'll be surprised to learn that sometimes mini-hookers and pimps and popular kids also end up home-schooled for the rest of their high school years due to "bad" behavior. All in all, anyone can end up home schooled and it is not an antisocial place. So is much learning to do! How to make money, how to manage the money, how to work, how to cook, how to fix things, like cars computers and art. So much art. It was a school that allowed me to learn whatever I wanted, there was no limits. Except internet. That was a good thing since most kids nowadays are so attached by an Ethernet cable that nothing would even get done. So much television that they would become vegetables and if the parents let them, as most lazy parents sometimes do, then home schooling would not work out. That's the real work that parents have to do, and all they really need to do. Keep them focused. Real Quality Education They are the same Freakin' books! And same teachers, just in a different environment. Lazyiness Yes, kids are lazy and you know who's fault that is if they spend all day watching TV, staying online, on the cell phone and playing video games? I don't even need to tell you. Most people just treat regular school like a free government day care. And guess what? You can train kids to stay home alone and be responsible. How else are they going to work hard at a job when no one is looking. Good parenting speaks for itself. Not for everyone There are some kids that just need to be around other dumb kids like them, or smart kids like them if you were able to send them off to one of those rich schools where they actually have teachers that care. Some kids feel the need to be put in an environment like school and they like it. They need to be told what to do, how to do it and what to learn as well as hang around with other people like them. Well keep them in regular school if it seems to be working out that way. All in all, this may disagree with a lot of people, but I'm speaking from personal experience. You also have to keep in mind that people are pretty unpredictable and everyone behaves differently.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Great cars for under $5000 (Just My Opinion)

This is my list of 5 cars for under $5000 US dollars. I know that they are easily found in California for under that price and quite affordable.

In the 90's and 80's these were plenty and cheap. No one wants one now because they're guzzle gas and they handle pretty bad, they fall into the dreaded category of "pointless cars". But they do look good and it's better than driving around a 4 door front wheel drive import right? If you're lucky you can find a V6 version but then it's not a MUSCLE CAR! Even so, ther'es something special about driving these cars, they just feel good, even though you're not going fast all the time, pulling out burnouts, they look good and feel right. Find one that hasn't had the interiors ripped out or upgrade the upholstery yourself since you will find these very cheap. I've rarely had engine trouble with these type of cars, it's always everything else. I didn't add the mustangs on here cause I don't like them. :P Maybe it's juts the people who drive mustangs I don't like. Go figure

Classic Datsun 280ZX
It doesn't have to be a 280 ZX but a sporty Datsun is a common find in California where these tiny rockets are just sitting there waiting for someone to love. 2 seats or 4 seats if you're lucky, you can easily find one in great condition sometimes for even cheaper than it's American counterparts. The problem is finding one that isn't SMOG exempt but if you are willing to work with what it's got then it should be fine.

Toyota MR2
These cars are a good deal anywhere in the world. 2 seats, mid engine goodness. Just think about it, your own personal poor-man's Ferrari! So why are they so cheap? A freaking Corolla with the same engine and Rear Wheel drive layout costs twice as much! Why?!!!! Well I've never driven an MR2 but when I saw one of my friends cruising around it and looking closer I saw he had no cargo space, no people space it made me realize that this is the car for people who are dedicated to speed and coolness. Whereas an AE86 is dedicated to practicality, speed, and more; therefore an AE86 costs more. Logic.

BMW Coupe
The more expensive on our list is the BMW's, but if you stoop this low for a car like this, chances are you've had to make some compromises. Save your pennies and save your dimes because this driver's car may need quite a lot of maintenance since we drive like knuckle heads over here and I can't guarantee the last owner was calm and collected like granny num nums. Chances are when they're selling this car it's because the maintenance was too much. Be prepared for the little. "Here's everything we've worked on with this car." In the end if you're willing to skimp on amenities you may actually like this car. But in the end if you want to enjoy driving and plan to shell out the dough to keep this car going, go for it and you won't regret it.

Mazda Miata
Like the MR2 the Miata serves little purpose but to be driven and tracked. It's a great little car, the only problem is not the car, but the people that rag on it for no good reason. They're cheap, quick and fun. They're also very cheap here in California. We seem to like convertibles a lot here. But I've never actually been around them so why is it on my list? Just because.

In the end you'll noticed I've chosen rear wheel drive cars for my list and it's because they rule! I don't like how most Honda and Nissan tuner cars are FWD, they under-steer and the anemic 4 cyclinder engines are kind of pain me to drive. They also have a bad rap for getting umm... ruined, so in the end this is the list of cool cars I would actually want to drive.... for under 5K. The end.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

1989 Taylor Swift. (WBMC)

  Welcome to the Wanna Be Music Critic. (WBMC)

  When my brother mentioned that the latest Taylor Swift album called 1989 is bad and not a very good one, I decided to listen to it for myself. I'm not a fan of her music, but I do like some of her songs that I've heard on the radio. To make myself clear I like classic rock and oldies so her music isn't really directed to people like me, but I also don't judge before I listen, or at least I try. Anyways... let's begin.

The Cover. 
It's a hipster picture of her body and the 1989 year on it. It's kind of cool only because it's vague, I like vague and I don't want you to show off, cause it's all about the music.

As I listen to the songs I will write the reviews about them as much as I can fit on them while I type. If you wanna skip the to end to see what my overall opinion was, go right ahead.

Welcome to New York. 
Sounds repetitive like classic pop from today's era. I don't like lyrics. You know how some movies start off with images of New York and helicopter shots panning from left to right, or from the ground to the top of skyscrapers. It may fit there. I could also image a short scene from her spinning around in the middle of Times Square at night. I think the song is attempting to describe her having fun in New York but repeats the "Welcome" line so much it gets old quick. The Bridge was a nice break from the pop music but then that chorus came back again..... Afterwards I had to go to the bathroom and took a break, the chorus was still stuck in my head. Maybe that's a good thing for this pop music.

Blank Space.
I don't understand her singing in this song. It has so many pauses it almost felt monotone. I really didn't like it because it didn't flow and I had to read the lyrics on the cover art to make sure what she was talking about. But this song was a little stupid. There's got to be a good song coming up soon or else I might have to end this review early if it's 3 for 3. Oh and according to this song she's available and has a blank space for your name. Oh and one more thing. it turns out she said "ex-lovers".

Funky guitar, Daft punk beat, and then she starts singing. I would have preferred this one as just a musical track. It reminds me of  few video game remixes. I do like the music in this one, but there she goes again with pauses in her singing. Is this another love song? This song inspired me to write a love song about writing a love song :) The chorus seems to be her style and it fits the song, but I'm not gonna lie, the music saved this song. But just barely, I'm not liking her lyrics today.

Out Of The Woods
What? The drumming is messy and so is the music structure. I felt like closing the track and moving onto the next one, but I can do this. I don't like the chorus, I felt like rapping would have fit in nicely in this song instead. "Are we outta this song?" (Repeat 5 times)

I took a break and listened to something else after this song. I don't want this to be a review that rags on all the songs like I'm some sort of professional music critic, but my goodness... so far this has not gone well. but of course it hasn't gone horrible wrong either.

The next day I listened to this song again. Her singing is much smoother in this one and nicer than the previous songs. Then I started to realized that the highlight of this song is her singing. The lyrics sound a little better but the chorus ruined it. In the end, this song is almost as bad as I remember yesterday.

*All You Had To Do Was Stay
So far so good. The chorus sounds poppy. That funny high pitch in "stay" is silly. This song is overall alright with me and I can kind of hear the guitar strumming in the background which makes me think this song was closer to what she would have played by herself, music-wise. But after listening to her singing, I don't think she has a large range of notes. The track just sounded unnecessarily overproduced by pop tones which I aren't needed in this track. I'm also understanding her lyrics more and more but I don't like how they're mostly relationship related. It get's old really quick, kind of like how Kelly Clarkson was all breakup songs. We all remember that. Oh just me? Alright then, be like that.

*Shake It Off
Hey real drumming. Oh I remember this song now, I've heard it somewhere else before, I don't know where but I liked this one and maybe it's due to the simplicity of the intro. I think I liked this one cause it's just a random dancing song and not a relationship song; well it's a good break from the rest. Both the verses and chorus are good. Oh no, that middle I don't remember this. hmm sounds ghetto. It didn't seem necessary.

After I wrote this review I looked it up online and it's the song that came with a music video (I don't wanna watch it, because twerking that's why), and it makes sense. So far it's also the best song in the album so it makes sense to broadcast this one in the spotlight.

I Wish You Would. 
Back to fake drumming... Apparently this is a song about regrets, and relationships. Nope, it's just annoying, no me gusta. The voice solo sounded really good, but once the music kicks in it overshadows it with noise.

Bad Blood
A team of Taylor Swifts starts singing a Capella. More terrible drumming, my goodness fire that guy he's ruining the album. Pretty soon someone else starts helping her sing the song, I don't know who she is but it fits. Taylor gets another good voice solo and I can finally understand her lyrics but the chorus throws the song down the floor and makes it bad..... blood. Hey!

Around this point I wonder if I should finish this review and end it. I also start to realize this is going to be a very long article if I keep this up, There's at least 16 songs on this album and 3 voice memo's whatever those are, but I will save it for the end. Let's carry on.

Wildest Dreams
I feel uncomfortable hearing this song, is it abut her prince charming? The drumming goes for a heartbeat style, but this makes it hard to use in a soft song unless it's a really deep meaning song, and the way she describes things is a bit shallow. But then again who isn't shallow in their "dreams" :)

How You Get Ihe Girl
Uh uh uh, Rain rain rain.Ugh paused signing, meaningless lyrics. I don't like it. Maybe I'm just not in the mood for pop music this morning. But if she was going for pop in this album she succeeded. Maybe this is a good pop song, however I don't like it, it's messy sounding and loud. And some people do enjoy this. Ah voice and guitar break. You know this song would song better acoustic. Maybe she should just redo this one acoustic, I would prefer that.

*This Love
Very soft and echoey. I find this a very distracting song that will work well in the background of your workday while you do something else, it's the only reason I like this song. But so many voices all over the place.

I Know Places. 
OK, now she's just flaunting her paused singing. It's like she and her drummer decided to purposely make the most annoying song and the pop mixer thought, I can make top that. Surprisingly I think the chorus is the highlight of this song, no wait... That bass. yeah. Good bass player.

As I do this review I realize I'm not trying to figure out this person or her motivations like other reviews are doing, I'm just doing it for the music.

Like the background of a video game that involves solving puzzles, the tune is very relaxing. But once more it's a breakup song? Analogies. Punch a hole in the roof? The chorus tries to sound big and important but lets you down softly with the tune of a xylophone and lots of voices all over the place again, meh. Overall it's an OK song.

As we near the end the songs seem to get better. But she always finds to do something in very song to annoy me, it's the pauses in her lyrics and singing that does it for this song. Eh eh eh eh in Wonderlaaa-aaa-aand. The piano is a nice touch but it seems like they still kept that drummer. We both went bad. Never worse but never better. It looks like he'll last forever. Song overall is alright since I like some of the musical touches and chord structure.

*You Are In Love.
The words confuse me, like a confused person trying to have a conversation with me. But the chorus explains that for me. And I enjoyed the music in this song, because it's very calm and soothing almost like "This Love" but the pauses and relationship themes get old. Maybe because I'm not in one and I don't feel her music like other fans might. You may understand why they lost their mind and fought their wars.

*New Romantics
Last one. Yay! Let's end on a good note. Yeah I'm tired of everything here. Maybe I'll pick and choose songs from her while ignoring the rest. I don't usually do that with good albums, but this song would make the cut it's a good pop song with the right amount of noise and flow. The drummer was finally programmed to pop a good beat. But I am not a fan of modern pop and this one fits the mold only too well. At least I won't go crazy when people blast this song from their radio.

Memo (I Know Places)
She's talking, her voice sounds familiar. She's talking about writing music. Oh now I see where her pauses come from. That's how she talks. Oh yay music! Hmm even she does the voice intros like that. Well to each their own. The piano is nice and simple. It would definitely make a good pop song as there's plenty of wiggle room. But it sounds so different from the album version. I compared them and whatever. You know.

Memo (I Wish You Would)
So it started with someone else song, and that's fine. Oh and she explained the song, sick. This memo also made me realize she's a pretty good singer on her own. Which is nice.

Memo (Blank Space)
Ha! Replay the tape on your phone. Classy hipster wording. :) Whoa that singing on the guitar, it just turned bad... well at least it sounded like she was having fun.

Well I'm finally done and I'm glad this turned out to be a very long post as probably no one will read it like that. The songs are all very.... her and sound like they do belong together in the album, which is why it's only fair to critique them together.

Final Judgement
I don't like it. It wasn't terrible and I made it through alive so I can only determine that my brother was exaggerating and this CD actually had some good ones in there.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

In the beginning

  There is a blog I write called Zerin's Tech space, which is about technology.
I wrote one for video games but since some things I write aren't fit for the tech blog nor the video games blog, I realized that I needed a variety blog for me to express myself.  Maybe music or just small stories, really anything I could think of. Normally I would use the social media like Facebook or Google+, maybe Even twitter to share witty anecdotes but it wasn't enough. So welcome to

  I will still use the social medias to share things in the appropriate manner, such as photos, comics and videos. But when something doesn't fit it will go here. Especially when it's too long. Enjoy.