Thursday, December 17, 2015

Selling an old car

Sob sob, cry cry, weep, weep...

I've had the hard choice of selling my car. The old Dodge Dart has got to go, and soon before it rusts into a lump of worthless metal. It's not the first time this though has passed through my mind, but this time I think it's the last nail on the coffin.

In today's world, most people buy high and sell low despite what they say. No one really makes a profit on trades unless that's your business. And cars are the same. The value of cars drop and you reach a point where it's no longer economically feasible to keep throwing money at it. Sometimes you've got to cut your loses and move on.

The Dodge Dart Swinger I've mentioned on this blog post before is a great car. I wish I could afford to keep it the way it is and even though I probably can after making a few sacrifices. I think the fun has been had.

The Dodge Lives!!!