Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Mad Max - The First ONE (Movie reviews no one asked for)

Oh my goodness, next to the Star wars Holiday special have I ever seen a film so slowly paced, confusingly cut and with a plot so small it can be summed up in 5 minutes by a ten year old. It goes without saying that the film has decent, action, gore and actually some potential in some scenes, it just felt dragging, confusing and hard to read. Most of the time, I was thinking, what's going on? What's he saying? Who's who?.... and so on.

About halfway through the movie me and my friends where like, "Well it's too late to change the movie now, and we won't have time to finish another one, so let's just keep going till the end. By the way what's going on? I'm going to nap." We then had fun trying to capture bits of the story from what everyone else understood, we found ourselves telling the story of Mad Max as we understood it and it's a very good movie if you don't have ANY A.D.H.D in your system. And can focus on things very well, .... oh and speak Australian. It helps if you can understand their accent.

To it's merit, it's a lower budget, Australian (is that a bad thing?), artful film. In it's own right I like it, but not to watch with a group, maybe late nights drinking a beer and just chilling as I watch the world of Mad max unfold. Plus the fact that it spawned interesting and better sequels is something else entirely. Just don't make it the first Mad Max film to watch if you've never seen any. It's not a fair comparison. Now for Fury road, that is another beast.