Tuesday, August 23, 2016

(Ben Hur) Movie Opinions No One Asked For

Quick while it's still fresh on my mind, what was the movie Ben Hur like?

Well I'll begin without preconceptions. The only thing I new going into the theatre was that I wanted to watch Kubo instead of this movie, but my friend who isn't into animation as much as I am told me we should compromise, which is the overall vibe this movie gave off. Anyways we both agreed that a Ben Hur action movie sounded cooler for both of us. So we walk in, my friend arrives late as always missing out on a decent intro and since the 3d showing is the only convenient time we let the movie roll by.

It captured my attention and held it. Recently few films have had a decent story and some action to keep me watching and Ben Hur does that, the actors did a good job and the effects where good, story made sense, the overall look was great... and then I saw Jesus. He was doing some carpentry in Jerusalem, maybe making some extra cash to fund his work, but I don't know... I thought it seemed out of place, but the whole movie had a good feelings happy kind of vibe. Forgiveness, family, love and it was soooo sappy. And I liked it, it was like a sappy drama action movie that your parents liked to watch, but without the epic tale or memorable characters to go with it. (Prince of Egypt?) It could have removed the religious portions and been a fine movie on it's own, but most audiences will have groaned at the cheesy ending Ben Hur had. Me on the other hand, being a religious guy who likes cheesy 90's movies from time to time this really hit the spot. Although the chariot race blood batch really feels out of place now doesn't it? I don't know if the producers wanted to include a little bit of everything for everyone but alright you're going to end up with a compromised film. Which very few people would like.

Would I watch it again? Maybe in a few years but it's no gladiator that's for sure. Do I recommend it? Sure, maybe for a DVD rental and a home popcorn movie night. Enjoy.