Thursday, January 29, 2015

Guitar Upgrade

When I started playing guitar, I had a steel string ugly acoustic thing that I never liked to play, it was hard and the steel strings hurt my fingers. I heard from a somewhat experienced guitar player that I should switch to nylon strings. He didn't know that guitars are made for one type of strings and neither did I, for my guitar was actually MADE for nylon strings and the guy who sold it, put steel strings on it, making it a terrible guitar. The upgrade (or should I say restoration?) was a huge difference and helped me in my guitar learning experience.

I never took good care of that guitar cause I always saw it as a cheap thing that was hard to play and never sounded professional. However even after buying a nice electric and other acoustic guitars, I still held onto that one as my personal favorite due to it's sound. I enjoyed playing many classical pieces and even composed a few on there, but then came the day that it was falling apart, and I wanted a replacement so I don't end up killing my beloved ugly guitar. So I went to Kline music thinking it would be easy to find any cheap old guitar that would outperform mine. It wasn't. I had to really find (in the good section) a guitar that had the bassy, no echo, feel of mine and when I did. I loved it. I don't have much to say about the new one. because this story is about my old classical guitar.

 Anyways, that's my story. i cut it short since I had a lot to say but not many people who read it all.