Thursday, June 2, 2016

Why I like CAKE (the band, well I like regular cake too, but that's not the point)

The main singer drones on about something he feels strongly about, the drummer keeps pace despite having little in common with the guitar or trumpet's fare. The bass is in a league of his own as he steadily basses on like a pillar in the band and the tune is as common as the air we breathe.

It's cake, in all it's glory
It's cake and their story
writing their own songs
ignoring what is hot
you'll never know if it's right
or when to stop.

My New Favorite Band

No it's not going to be my top pick for every road trip, or the thing I listen to every day. but I have a list of favorite bands in my head and guess who just made the list?


As a young man I've heard one or two songs, and liked said songs, but never realized who played them, I even thought them to be made by separate band, but no, the songs I heard were by the same artists. I'm not trying to convince you to like them like I do. In fact I prefer you don't since it really enforces the stereotype that is my taste in music, which is not really determined by popularity or constant drilling into my mind like radio tends do to. "You will like this song because I'm playing it nonstop!" kind of deal.

Cake is a band based in my hometown of Sac. They sound like a typical stoner band, but a really good one. The main singer has monotone, but really hits those notes. Flatly but he hits them with the sureness of a drunk man who really hates that guy. The Bass, oh wow I wish I could come up with baseline like this dude, I really really like the bass player's creativity and skill to entertain me. And the guitars, trumpets and guitars, they both have their sound down to a fine piece of musical art, they know their place and it's strangely not in the front.

The songs are good, varied and catchy. Some songs have meaning, some don't, but good songs all around. I could listen to every single song and not feel a need to skip it, unless it's like 10 slow songs in a row, then I might shuffle it up by then.

How did I not know they existed? Like Rush, they're popular enough and they are of a certain taste, but I'm still genuinely supervised I never heard an entire album until this year. Why? because I blame my friends that's why. Pop music really tells you what to like and since I'm not a 90's teen, I guess I missed them by that.... much....

One of my workmates said Cake was one of his favorite bands. I casually mentioned I liked one or two songs of them but didn't enjoy the singer. He said, "Well I like the band as a whole" Which got me thinking, maybe I should look into them. And it was a good decision as I ended up liking the band too. A lot. Purchased three of their albums. Listened to all their songs and now I learn how to play a few of their songs in hopes to share their style music with others.

It doesn't matter that they have no plans to make more music, it doesn't matter that they're not popular as they once where before. However they are good at what distinct sound they produce and admire that.

The sound they make isn't messy or even overwhelming. When you need to hear the guitar riff or trumpet blare, you'll hear it clear as day, then the sound switches back to the melody bass line as the drums accent and keep the rhythm to the song, filling in those needed roles or drum spice.

Have you ever run into a CD and it all sounds the same? Well we could argue that CAKE is one of those artists, but we'd also say that you're not listening to the songs. Unlike other bands that copy the same tune(Beach Boys), same riffs for every song(Chuck Berry), and same song structure (Every rock band ever) or even singing that sounds like the last tracks's song (NickelBack). Cake actually progresses through their genre with grace and class. Finding all the intros and solos only they can pull off. Making it varied within their niche. And that's pretty darn special for a band that sounds the same throughout the years.