Friday, February 19, 2016

So you think you can critique.

You know what irks me, like really ughs my bones is when people who have not a shred of musical talent, can't play a thing, think they know they best music and when you show them a song you composed, I can almost guarantee you they are already comparing it to a hit song on the radio and then mentioning why your song isn't good enough like that one. But they don't bring up a straight comparison, no they mention one or two things they don't like about your song because it's recorded on a potatoe, because the singing isn't as good as Ray Charles or whatever, they don't even try to compare you they just say oh now your rhythm is off or the singing is out of tune, maybe a drum is too loud or the guitar too noisy. I didn't ask for an in depth analysis, just listen to the song as a song, not as a critic, I don't care about your opinion. I just want to share my music, but you made me change my mind! You wannabe Eoger and Eggbert or whatever they are. Do you feel like a more knowledgeable person when you critique someone with a fine tooth comb on something they worked hard for and you couldn't even do if you tried really hard. Is it so hard to admit that the song you think is nail scratching horribleness might be 10 times better than what YOU can do? No you don't think about that because you're full of yourself. I'm not showing you anymore of my songs.

These songs aren't even mine, I played the guitar on them and these artists have worked on their craft for years, so maybe we are slightly out of tune, yes it's on a cassette recorder and unless you are in a band and can play better than this, then maybe you have the right to express your opinion on why these songs suck but otherwise keep your trap shut.