Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is a story about a group of people with interesting names who are trying to escape a dungeon.

NO-ONE knows why they are they, and THEY says HE knows, but HE won’t tell.

HE says WE should try to escape first.

But WE disagreed and decided to go with EVERYBODY.

SOMEONE decides to stay behind

THAT ONE GUY says WE should follow HIM. but EVERYBODY disagrees with HIM and HE ends up falling into a trap.

NOBODY thinks of a good idea. And EVERYBODY was ignored.

WHATsHISNAME was lost when going off on his own. But ran into THAT ONE GUY who kills HIM.

In the end only HE survived.

SOMEONE else survived but THEY didn't make it.

WE had to tell THEM the news. That THEY didn't make it,.

WE almost forgot about THEM.

And NOBODY saved THEM from being crushed under a huge rock.

When THEY died. NO ONE cared very much.

EVERYBODY survived and WE wrote this story.

If this makes sense to you, I don't beleive you.