Wednesday, December 10, 2014


This is a story about a group of people with interesting names who are trying to escape a dungeon.

NO-ONE knows why they are they, and THEY says HE knows, but HE won’t tell.

HE says WE should try to escape first.

But WE disagreed and decided to go with EVERYBODY.

SOMEONE decides to stay behind

THAT ONE GUY says WE should follow HIM. but EVERYBODY disagrees with HIM and HE ends up falling into a trap.

NOBODY thinks of a good idea. And EVERYBODY was ignored.

WHATsHISNAME was lost when going off on his own. But ran into THAT ONE GUY who kills HIM.

In the end only HE survived.

SOMEONE else survived but THEY didn't make it.

WE had to tell THEM the news. That THEY didn't make it,.

WE almost forgot about THEM.

And NOBODY saved THEM from being crushed under a huge rock.

When THEY died. NO ONE cared very much.

EVERYBODY survived and WE wrote this story.

If this makes sense to you, I don't beleive you. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My Thoughts on Home-Schooling

This is a rant. Do not take %100 seriously becuase I am just venting and this is only my opinion. I wrote this about a year ago, but never posted it before and figured I might as well put this here. So you know what really bothers me? Stereotypes, the kind that causes humans to assume they know what a person is like, for no good reason. In this case today I'll be talking about stereotypes about Homeschooling or Independent Study. On average most humans are very similar and think alike. But to the genius who thought that all children learn at the same rate was not the brightest bulb in the house, now sure it's cheaper than having individualized learning for every kid in school, but who cares? Right? Well parents do and they are willing to do something about it. Now it's clear that some kids learn faster than others and some are like bricks trapped in a tarpit. There are so many minute differences that in the end, you are almost always going to stunt someone's learning growth by putting them in regular school. Maybe not all kids, but some. And for those few who prefer to learn on their own instead of in a group, there's home school. Sheltered This bothers me. Home schooled kids are sheltered. What is sheltered? According to the consensus, people beleive that sheltered people are when the parents "baby" their kids by hiding them from all the bad things in the world and don't let them interact with the outside world. The when the children finally have freedom they tend go wild or refuse to leave home. I've never met anyone who was sheltered by that definition, and chances are that if you have, it's very rare since being "Sheltered" as defined by the people is uncommon and unrelated to homeschooling. The fact that some kids go all out wild when they first venture out in the world and taste some freedom has nothing to with being home schooled, this can happen to anyone. Just ask anyone who's gotten drunk, high, arrested or beat up. They all took it too far, not because they experienced some feeling of freedom doing it, but because humans are generally not very smart. I've met people at my school, you have to go in once a week, pick up your work, deal with the teacher one on one. You have no idea how easy this has made it for me to talk to people. I see them as equals in the sense that we both work together or are in a similar situation. Because of the communication I've had with adults and not other children with Potatoe IQ's, I've actually learned what it's like to be in a business environment right at my school. (And when I refer to school, I mean the once or twice a week I went in to turn in my homework. Which brings me to my next point.) Time spent. A lot of people think that home school is your parents watching over you and helping you with your homework at home. HA! I'm going to use my own personal experience. My mom yelling at me to finish my homework,. Making my own breakfast, parents gone while I did all my homework ON MY OWN. You think parents are going to help you with Algebra? You needed help? You called up the teacher, and not like a baby, "Teacher help me I don't know!" No you did it like an adult, going through automated phone calls and hoping someone was there to pick it up when you finally have 10 seconds to give a clear question on what you want to know before the teacher loses interest and recommends driving back to school for the 10 minutes he/she's going to spend on you to learn your material. The library was awesome, school libraries for independent schools sucked. But Government local libraries had anything you wanted to learn about I spent so much time there reading, renting out DVD and computer games that it felt like a college. Plus the free internet and WiFi. Socializing Dealing with other children or students. I don't know if you have much of a social life, that heavily depends on the type of person you are. There is more to life than school and work, and I was taught to keep those separate. Get a "real" social life, talk to your neighbors, be a Jehovah's Witness, or just deal with people in general to find those real friends. Shy kids are common in regular school AND home school. But you'll be surprised to learn that sometimes mini-hookers and pimps and popular kids also end up home-schooled for the rest of their high school years due to "bad" behavior. All in all, anyone can end up home schooled and it is not an antisocial place. So is much learning to do! How to make money, how to manage the money, how to work, how to cook, how to fix things, like cars computers and art. So much art. It was a school that allowed me to learn whatever I wanted, there was no limits. Except internet. That was a good thing since most kids nowadays are so attached by an Ethernet cable that nothing would even get done. So much television that they would become vegetables and if the parents let them, as most lazy parents sometimes do, then home schooling would not work out. That's the real work that parents have to do, and all they really need to do. Keep them focused. Real Quality Education They are the same Freakin' books! And same teachers, just in a different environment. Lazyiness Yes, kids are lazy and you know who's fault that is if they spend all day watching TV, staying online, on the cell phone and playing video games? I don't even need to tell you. Most people just treat regular school like a free government day care. And guess what? You can train kids to stay home alone and be responsible. How else are they going to work hard at a job when no one is looking. Good parenting speaks for itself. Not for everyone There are some kids that just need to be around other dumb kids like them, or smart kids like them if you were able to send them off to one of those rich schools where they actually have teachers that care. Some kids feel the need to be put in an environment like school and they like it. They need to be told what to do, how to do it and what to learn as well as hang around with other people like them. Well keep them in regular school if it seems to be working out that way. All in all, this may disagree with a lot of people, but I'm speaking from personal experience. You also have to keep in mind that people are pretty unpredictable and everyone behaves differently.