Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Creep (Short Film Project)

To Mario. 

This is the short summary of the short film we made. If you're editing you might as well know the story so the scenes are in order. 

Erik creepy guy moves into this house renting a room, he's a computer technician, but the kid doesn't trust him, the mom treats him nice so he'll stay because he pays rent ahead on time. One day mom leaves the guy in charge of the house and the kids invites some friends over. The friends start to disappear one by one, the remaining friends investigate and suspect the guy. Then they notice he's building a bomb and they call the FBI but he cuts the call an tells them please not to. He explains it's not a bomb but an art project. They don't beleive him. When the FBI comes he runs out with the bomb and mini bike chase ensues. Bicycle chase then car. But they lead up to the river, Erik throws the bomb in river and then runs back to his room to get rid of the evidence, but the cops and the Mystery crew were there investigating everything.

The kids try to capture the guy but leaving a laptop in a trap and Erik falls into it and they rope him in. The Mystery crew and cops throw him in the car. As they take him they feel so successful but when the mom returns she gets mad at him. Some of the kids simply went home and she drove them herself. The art project was recovered and it really was an art project not a bomb. Also he was creepy because he was antisocial and got scared because his laptop had a lot of pirated movies. But there was bigger fish to fry and the cops let him go. When Erik goes back to his room the kid wants to apologize but the guy is so mad that he wants to move. The mom and son want to apologize but he feels like he should just go. When the kids explains his mistakes Erik understands and decides to stay. When the door closes he reboots his laptop and proceeds to finish working on his "art project" which looks suspiciously more like a bomb now after adding more parts to it. 

Normally i'd make a full 3 or 4 page script with lines and scenes, but it was much easier considering it was mostly action and acting in this one. Also Gricel replaced me in the role for the Creep.